Client background & business context

    Client: Jewelry manufacturer and retailer 

    Project: 24/7  Application Support for infrastructure and backend workflows. 


The multitude of applications behind the client’s backend systems needed an upgrade in order to: 

  • Lower business impact: To significantly reduce resolution times and prevent downtime, the switch to a proactive approach of identifying issues had to be made.  
  • Guarantee 24/7 Applications uptime: Given that frontend functionality and uptime is relying on the backend systems, the applications and infrastructure in question had to perfectly run 24/7, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and ease of use.  
  • Facilitate monitoring of business-critical systems: Due to the application’s complexity and its connection to business-critical workflows and systems, regular checks had to be performed seamlessly.  

The client’s biggest challenge was focusing on developing and adopting new technologies, without worrying about monitoring the system and performing the daily tasks.  

Our approach

As a response to continuous market increase, our client, leading worldwide jewelry manufacturer and retailer, decides to invest in technologically advanced systems to offer a better user experience both internally and externally – employee- and customer-facing.  

From the beginning, the client made it clear that they want to know what each individual need to be able to perform their tasks trouble free. This showed us their focus on the people working on the project and ensuring their needs are met. 

Furthermore, the client requested constant feedback back and forth and the team’s engagement in the documentation and processes they work on to improve and fix them. This focus on people, has allowed the project to evolve quite fast. With the client’s main objectives in mind, and considering their specific business needs and challenges, In order to do so, Accesa provides 1st and 2nd level technic / functional support services for the applications mastering the smooth running of the whole infrastructure, via a dedicated technical support team working on a 24/7 basis. The team is tasked with proactively identifying and solving day to day issues, ensuring 24/7 uptime of the system, and lowering unfavorable business impact by monitoring critical processes. 


  • Dynatrace 
  • Elastic 
  • Microsoft Tehnologies and Applications (Outlook, Teams, Skype) 
  • ClassicDesk 
  • Putty 
  • HaProx 
  • Sorl 
  • Hazelcast 
  • Grafana 
  • HAC 
  • Graylog 
  • Thruk 
  • UpTrends 
  • Relate 
  • Google Analytics. 


Having outlined clear success criteria for the client’s systems, it was easy for the Accesa 24/7 technical support team to identify the best approach for the project, as well as reach the targeted goals: ensure 24/7 uptime for the frontend and backend machines and applications, lower resolution times by 60%, and significantly lower unfavorable business impact by actively monitoring business-critical workflows and systems connected to the system in question. The overall result is a complex system turned user-friendly and highly performing. The bonus: the client’s development team is given the freedom to focus on strictly development related topics. 

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