Client background & business context

  • Client profile: electronics retail group with €22 billion in revenue, 1000 stores in 15 countries, and 65K employees (2016)
  • Project: monitoring system implementation (based on SAP Solution Manager)


  • Implement a robust solution able to ensure the business continuity: we were requested to ensure close to 100% SAP system availability
  • Proactively address responsivity issues: prior to the implementation, functionality interruptions due to SAP Services not responding correctly were occurring frequently
  • Decrease the time needed for maintenance activities: facilitate an optimised reaction time to system issues, by the means of real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Enhance the system’s health: ensure a better response to critical situations and to possible security issues
  • Provide a future-ready environment: SAP Solution Manager came as an optimal solution to enable maximum return from the implementation investment

Our approach

For this client, a collaboration was ongoing on other SAP-related projects. So, our expertise in the implementation of SAP Solution Manager recommended us.

In a consultative approach, together with the client, we identified the core Business Services to be monitored for all SAP Systems. Then, we activated a monitoring solution that covers all the core services. Furthermore, having gained certain system stability, we extended the monitoring solution with enhanced features to cover all scenarios that could lead to system failure.

Once all system failures were covered, the focus could be moved on improving system performance by fine-tuning the specific monitoring objects. This endeavour ensured a proactive identification of potential performance issues and enabled our clients to respond accordingly.



  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2


Relying on their solid expertise, our certified consultants managed to implement a robust future-ready SAP-powered monitoring system. SAP Solution Manager enabled a more efficient project administration flow, as well as centralised control of cross-component implementations. With the help of the new monitoring solution, we ensured a close to 100% service operations, even during critical business operations such as the major sales campaigns or reporting period.

The implementation optimised reaction time for system issues, due to real-time monitoring compared to a longer workflow in case of user notifications. 

This lead to a decrease in the time spent fixing system issues and permitted the implementation of a set of preventive maintenance procedures. It also decreased the time needed to manually do maintenance work.

Via Solution Manager, we configured a real-time alert system towards predefined distribution lists so that stakeholders will be notified in case of system issues occurring. We also enabled the stakeholders to have better visibility of their system’s health and performance by making use of the modern FIORI UI platform.

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