Client background & business context

  • Client: The second largest bank in Germany by asset size and the central institution for 800+ cooperative banks and their 8500+ branch offices
  • Project: Implementation of the new Information Security Management Module in RSA Archer


Performing in a highly regulated industry such as the Banking ecosystem in Germany is, in itself, a constant challenge that requires careful attention to sensitive data, platforms management, system operations and more. Now more than ever, organizations are charged with protecting sensitive and private information in many ways.

Such an environment needs extra care when it comes to systems upgrades, scalability enhancement, top-notch security. In this particular case, our client was facing an end of lifecycle for its Information Security Management (ISM) module on the RSA Archer platform.

Based on a technical concept for digitalization 1.0 of the information security compliance evaluation (ISCE) process, the Information Security Management (ISM) module was developed in 2014 and has been operated on the RSA Archer v5.3 platform since 2015. From then on, the ISM module was further developed until 2019 and last operated on the RSA Archer v6.7 platform in 2021.

Due to this continuous change, the ISM module shows the typical symptoms of software at the end of its life cycle, both technically and professionally.

Our approach

Our senior colleagues began the project by conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s business challenges and needs. Together with the stakeholders, our team quickly decided to completely redevelop the ISM module based on a new technical concept for digitalization 2.0 of the ISCE process.

The modernizing and modularizing approach our experts decided upon translated into the creation of a central platform, capable of ensuring faster access and synchronizing real-time data.

 Acting as partners, we collaborated on the implementation of the most viable solution for enhanced time/cost-effectiveness and future readiness. Some of the challenges faced in this implementation included:

  • Finding a suitable technical solution that would help the company have a centralized overview of quantified ISCE data (e.g., IT Assets, Compliance Evaluations, Risk Analysis etc.)
  •  Implementing a scalable future-ready platform: enabling the future development of any needed additional integration and interfacing
  •  Enabling faster data processing by using RSA Archer in-depth functionalities such as: Calculated Cross-Reference Fields, Archer Web Service & JavaScript-Based Data Feeds, JavaScript Objects etc.
  •  Improving the usability (friendlier user experience / user interface) compared to the old module

Our whole development team took end-to-end responsibility for the architecture, development, rollout, environments, and monitoring of the project.

Within the new ISM Module, data (such as IT Asset Registration, Compliance Evaluations, Risk Analysis etc.) can be created, updated and analyzed faster due to the increased usability and the adoption of in-depth RSA Archer functionalities.


  • RSA Archer v6.7
  • JavaScript
  • HTML


The previous ISM solution, based on an outdated technical concept of digitalization, reached its limits. Due to newly developed features and functionalities within the latest RSA Archer Platform version, our development team managed to implement an updated, centralized and time/cost effective module with an increased usability.

Also, in the case of new integrations, this approach reduces the risk of system crashes, making it a highly available and scalable system that can be easily extended.

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