Client background & business context

  • Client: large workspace solutions provider, with multiple franchises and offices around the globe 
  • Solution: We helped our partner migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption, and offered ongoing support afterward 


The client had thousands of computers running Windows 7 and 8.1 in its estate and, with its workforce working from home due to the pandemic, they were in a rush to upgrade because Microsoft had announced that they will stop offering support for Windows 7. With a tight deadline, the business was dealing with the following challenges: 

Without support from Microsoft, the company’s devices would no longer receive security updates, bug fixes, or technical help, meaning that their devices would be much more vulnerable. 

Migrating to a newer operating system would be challenging, as they lacked documentation on the current environment and device configurations. Furthermore, the migration process needed to be as smooth as possible because their employees were working remotely, and any problem that may appear during the transition could leave users without a functional device. 

Considering the timeline and costs of each possible solution, the company decided to find a technical partner to help them migrate to a newer Operating System and IT ecosystem. 

Our approach

We started the collaboration by holding a discovery workshop with our partner to assess their environment’s compatibility readiness with the new Operating System. This was done to find the optimal way to help them, leading to the following actions: 

  • Implementing Cloud Management Gateway, extending SCCM’s functionality over the internet 
  • Identifying all incompatibilities and addressing them using PowerShell, driver update tools, patches, and software packages, so that all Line of Business apps are compatible with the new Operating System 
  • Offering a seamless transition to the users, with all files uploaded to OneDrive during the upgrade and synced automatically on the new Operating System 
  • Enrolling devices into Intune for co-management and moving most of the workloads to Intune as well 
  • Offering ongoing support after the migration 


  • SCCM   
  • Intune  
  • PowerShell  
  • Windows 10  
  • HP/Lenovo driver management tools 


Besides quickly, successfully, and smoothly migrating the company’s devices to Microsoft 10, we helped our partner with: 

  • Reducing deployment time and user disruption by using Windows as a Service 
  • Establishing stronger driver compatibility, with updates delivered as needed through Windows Update  
  • Enabled the company to manage devices via the cloud, increasing security and removing the need for a VPN by co-managing devices and workloads in Intune 
  • Increasing user productivity by adding new features and enhancing existing ones in their IT ecosystem 
  • Simplified management by switching to smaller, more easily managed system updates 

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