Client background & business context

Client profile: The client is one of the largest wind park constructors in the world, that continues to develop into an international provider of clean energy solutions.

Project: Introduction of Microsoft Teams, to optimize and simplify communication & collaboration within the company and for projects.


In order to improve internal and project communication within the company, as well as with external partners and customers, the following challenges had to be solved:

  • Simultaneous collaboration on documents (previously only possible via Outlook and approvals);
  • Finding discussions and decision paths in everyday life, as well as in projects; (previously achieved using many different applications such as Outlook, telephone, external chat programs;
  • Archivability of chats;
  • Simplification of local/international communication flows (partly conducted via Whatsapp);
  • Improving collaboration and exchange of data with external parties without complex authorization configurations;
  • A tool-agnostic communication platform.

Our approach

Our project started with an analysis and a project kick-off workshop. The aim of the workshop was to obtain a shared understanding of the current situation, and to discuss and define requirements for the target scenario. The decision to introduce Microsoft Teams was not only based on the already existing Microsoft Infrastructure and used applications, but also on the possibilities to centralize and structure communication and collaboration in projects. In cooperation with the company’s IT service provider, a joint provision of the login infrastructure and basic configuration of teams took place.

Accesa supported the customer with new, cloud-based technologies, taking into consideration security aspects, but also the integration and utilization of Teams within the company and into existing processes.
A high level of satisfaction with the introduction of Microsoft teams was achieved through successful planning, implementation of a POC with pilot departments, as well as key user and user trainings.


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365


The introduction of Microsoft Teams resulted in optimized daily operations, new working methods and integrated existing functions; simple integration and an easy entry into the new world were achieved through a hybrid use of existing technologies available on-premises, such as SharePoint.

In more detail, our cooperation led to:

  • Company-wide modernization: Extensive manual, time-consuming and error-prone work processes for more than 300 employees were optimized;
  • Valuable employee experience: A high acceptance in the company triggered even the employees themselves to work on new possibilities to facilitate their work via MS Teams;
  • Increased efficiency: Long searches for content, complex and confusing approvals and authorization structures for partners & customers collaborations are now a thing of the past;
  • Centralization: Data accessibility from multiple sources. Onboarding of new employees through an already existing structure with all the required information at hand. Collected documents and collaboration flows of a project in one place.
  • Better collaboration: The integration of SharePoint Online and a modern Office 365 package enabled working on several documents at the same time, which in turn optimized review and approval processes, among other things. No more distribution of different versions via Outlook.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: The structured and well-prepared introduction of MS Teams in the company led to significantly less effort for more than 300 employees, who can now turn their attention to more value-adding tasks.

Accesa continues to work in close cooperation with the client and supports the client in expanding the digital workplace within the company.

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