Client background & business context

  • Channel partner: metafinanz - Informationssysteme GmbH
  • End client: one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. The client has a strong international presence covering more than 70 countries and serving 100M clients. 
  • Project: The client’s goal was to switch from the 5-year-old support team to a new team that would proactively suggest and implement improvements and optimizations to the platform. 


The partner was looking for a proactive team to offer support, suggestions, and optimizations on the PEGA platform. Due to our long-lasting partnership, they decided to work with a team of DevOps engineers and Application Support Specialists. 

After a series of initial discussions and estimations, we and the partner decided on a three-month transition period from the previous 5-year-old support team to our specialists. During this time, we focused on gaining access to the systems, gathering documentation, and knowledge transfer sessions with the old team.

During the setup process, our goal was to seamlessly take over operations with minimal disruption for our partner and all the users who benefit from Pega’s workflow improvement capabilities. In this period, we overcame challenges such as incomplete documentation and delays in gaining access. 

Our approach

Through effective and transparent communication plus our team’s expertise, we successfully completed the handover, meeting all deadlines regardless of the delays we encountered along the way. At the end of the three-month period, we took over operations on the Pega platform, restoring and updating the system, delivering improvement suggestions, and implementing them. 

Next, we focused on providing robust services like monitoring, incident management, updating imports, testing, and deployment, and real-time documentation of all processes. We also scaled up our team to make sure that all our partner’s ongoing and future needs on the platform are covered reliably. 

We adopted a continuous 5-step process that has helped us ensure a client-centric experience and great impact:  

  • Step 1. Understand their needs and priorities.  
  • Step 2. Solve problems, work error-free, and with short response times.  
  • Step 3. Secure results and maintain the level of quality.  
  • Step 4. Advise our customer on how to set up the system so that ongoing operation poses fewer errors or impediments.
  • Step 5. Find improvement opportunities, communicate and share. 


  • PEGA Platform  
  • RedHat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform   
  • Linux  
  • Apache Load Balancer  
  • AWS Cloud  
  • Docker   
  • SOR – System of Record  


The Accesa team completed the handover within the proposed timeframe and addressed the challenges they encountered by updating the system, preparing documentation, and optimizing operations. Now our partner can focus on working with our specialists to leverage the Pega platform and improve functionalities for their users. 

After the setup, we focused on maintaining the system and its functionalities, planning and implementing improvements based on the end user’s needs. These efforts have resulted in a better user experience, increased customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 

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