Client background & business context

  • Client: large multinational integrated oil, gas, and petrochemical company 
  • Project: Robotic Process Automation with Power Automate   


The procurement industry has been undergoing many shifts, especially related to Contract Lifecycle Management. Although there are many tools available nowadays, it is quite common to deal with “contract invisibility”, which means there is little or no awareness related to a contract’s location, documentation, expiration date, status etc.  

Our client identified an opportunity to automate the way they handle contracts and communication across several apps such as SAP P4C, Ariba CWS, and Contractus. Power Automate (PA) was the best solution regarding handling time and overall effort required in processing and keeping track of the considerable number of contracts within the organization.  

Our approach

Having in mind the main objectives outlined by our client, Accesa provided a team of Power Automate experts to guide the business in their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation journey. 

After a discovery workshop, our team collaborated with the stakeholders in a consultative approach to create a strategic plan. Afterward, they smoothly implemented a product that enables a fully standardized and automated experience for the procurement department to move contracts between different apps, keep track of them and inform responsible buyers regarding any issue that might appear.  


  • Microsoft Power Automate 
  • Microsoft Dataverse 
  • Azure-Hosted Custom Connector
  • Outlook 365 authentication 


Together with the client, Accesa created a future-proof automated process to help the procurement department create and manage contract data across multiple applications with less effort, lower chances of information being misplaced or fragmented, and an easier process of communicating with their clients if any issue may arise. 

The expected long-term results, as researched by Forrester, are to: 

  • Free up hundreds of thousands of hours by year 3 
  • Accelerate projects by 50% or more 
  • Reduce human error – catching errors that might have been otherwise missed 
  • Drive 97% ROI over 3 years 

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