Client background & business context

  • Client: Our organization
  • Project: adopt ServiceNow as the central ITSM solution and migrate the previous software to ServiceNow: Adjust processes to leverage ServiceNow capabilities and increase the efficiency of the service management team. 


As we strived to shift the attention from enterprise management issues back to our core business initiatives, we decided it was time for a change; a change which would help us sharpen our SNOW capabilities, deliver value to our environment and, subsequently, develop a successful use case which could be easily applied to any environment: 

  • Our main challenge were productivity difficulties due to lack of a system integration that would enable enterprise management.  
  • One of our main tasks was to increase operational efficiency to shift the attention from enterprise management issues back to the core business 

Our approach

This case study entails a classical "Live by example" approach, since it is all about applying our technical acumen to our own organizational needs. As is the case for any company, and perhaps especially for IT services providers, figuring out the most efficient way to handle the internal IT environment can become a serious challenge. The productivity issues that occur due to an inconsistent system integration can give rise to blockers interfering with your operational efficiency. 

With our extensive experience from many operational efficiency improvement projects, we implemented a solution for Improved performance and user experience. The capabilities of our Service Now platform were leveraged with our own set of best practices and 360-degree experience with the technology in focus.  

We audited the existing infrastructure and decided that the integration of the ServiceNow Platform with the existing systems was the best solution. Our customer-centric service focused on helping to increase the productivity and UX satisfaction of the enterprise management platform by 

  • Reviewing previously used tool and current processes 
  • Agreeing points of improvement for each process  
  • Implementing base functionality into ServiceNow (incident, problem, change, CMDB etc) 
  • Integrating ServiceNow with external systems (LDAP, SCCM etc) 
  • Developing custom functionality in different areas (Training, Learning, Legal) 


  • Service Now 
  • AJAX 
  • Bootstrap 
  • JavaScript, 
  • Angular  


With stable and scalable processes that ensure the administrative support for the company, we achieved better UX and overall usability. With the automations in function, we can drive better results and focus on core activities. Some of our results are: 

  • Improved performance, SLAs and user experience​ 
  • Optimised and automated processes for an improved operational efficiency​ 
  • Provided a basis for future automation projects and established ServiceNow as the enterprise service management platform 
  • Leverage ServiceNow mobile application to make IT support more convenient and efficient 

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