Client story hero - Streamlining the Sales Process in Manufacturing with App Modernisation

Streamlining the Sales Process in Manufacturing with App Modernisation

large supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning

Our partner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems for manufacturing yarn from staple fibers in spinning mills, with locations in ten countries.


  • Manufacturing


  • Application Modernisation

Company Size

5,000+ employees


2019 - 2022

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The company’s sales department was facing more and more difficulties generating quotes for their clients due to their outdated custom software. The application was 30 years old at the start of the project and updating it or adding new features had become impossible as the developers familiar with the programming language used had retired.

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As the original developers were not available for knowledge sharing, the Accesa team decided to start from the business flow and known use cases to design a new application while reverse engineering the old code. The new custom software we created had all the needed functionalities as well as improved UI, UX, and performance.

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The new application is more stable and flexible, with the option for users to change the formulas used for generating quotes, eliminating the need for separate software for each formula. Furthermore, it offers a modern user experience for the 200+ sales and back-office specialists in the company, who can now generate optimised costs in seconds instead of minutes.

Project Overview

Considering the original software’s technical debt, we decided to replace it with a new application that served the same business needs using the .NET framework and SQL. This decision ensured scalability and made future updates and integrations easier.

Our first step was to map the application's touchpoints in the business flow and study the known use cases. A close collaboration with our partner and all stakeholders was invaluable at this stage, as the needed business knowledge was dispersed across various departments and people.

The Accesa team organised into several streams empowered to handle different areas of the project. This way, developers could focus on specific components and add the needed functionalities quickly. We also reverse-engineered the original code to better understand how the features would work and the value they must bring.

We used the SCRUM framework to deliver incremental value and receive rapid feedback from end-user representatives. This method and our regular User Acceptance Testing ceremonies were instrumental in assessing the development quality. The approach helped guarantee that the software brought tangible benefits to the back-office staff and sales specialists who used the software.


The solution developed by Accesa is a highly maintainable, configurable and scalable new sales platform with state-of-the-art widespread technology. This platform has an attractive user interface and offers a lean, modern user experience for more than 200 sales professionals and back-office staff who have been using it since its launch.

Moreover, the new application improves the process flow for generating cost optimisation proposals from minutes to seconds and requires less network bandwidth, making the software easier to use worldwide.

Considering the changing dynamics in the Textile industry, our team ensured more flexibility by allowing math formulas to be upgraded without releasing a new application.





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