Enterprise Application Services

As a service provider, our mission is to empower business transformation by deploying and integrating applications and data, thus enabling a real added value for our clients.

While developing a wide set of enterprise applications services, our teams of specialists cover the end-to-end implementation process for enterprise platforms such as SAP, Dynamics 365, IBM Order Management, TIBCO, ServiceNOW, UiPath.

Through integration solutions, process orchestration, and business intelligence, our professionals improve customer experience and activate the full potential of your business. 

Digital Product Design

If you need a special suit, you go for a tailor. Like so, for a special digital product, you go for Accesa. Our product team makes sure that the business viability and the user desirability aspects of a product are considered when working together to determine a new product. 

To deliver high-quality services, we use our lean product development framework, which covers every phase of the product development life cycle: ideation, discovery, exploration, validation, and development. 

Made up of a (proxy) product owner and UI/UX designers, the product team’s focus is on finding out what the business goals are, as well as user needs and pains. Then, we balance these two aspects to make sure that we are building the right product. After the design phase, it is just a matter of choosing the right tools and the right people to develop the application. 

Application Development & Re-engineering

We create digital products tailored to your business, using the right technologies to suit your company’s needs. Also, if you already have an application, we can modernise it to suit all your current business needs. 

Our application development and re-engineering offering combines expertly skilled engineers and product professionals. With the help of advanced tools and using best practices, we help our clients push past their challenges and achieve their goals. 

Our development team makes a solution proposal come to life and creates or re-engineers the applications needed by your workforce. All we need is a designated product owner, and we can take care of the rest. 

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