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Artificial Intelligence has taken companies by storm, and for good reason. Data is fast becoming the most important raw material, as well as a valuable by-product – if you know how to use it. 

The good news: given our extensive experience as a trusted IT partner for companies in various industries, we can help you make the most of your data, gaining competitive advantage. Chatbots, data cleaning, document optimisation, and image recognition are just a few of the ways in which we provide you with valuable insights and functionalities. 

These are the three main AI pillars we focus on: 

Data science and advanced analytics

We enable the fast collection of data for further use in more elaborated algorithms for specific processes. From predictive analytics and risk reduction to performance management via dynamically generated data, and data-driven optimisation, we supply our clients with end-to-end data engineering. 

Machine learning

From Natural Language Processing (NLP) through to Computer Vision, as well as prediction and error prevention, we’ve been focused on developing our expertise to best meet our clients’ business need for smarter, more beneficial IT systems.  

Data platform

We design solutions for data acquisition, data storage and support for data science workflows. We have integrated all this know-how in the Accesa Live Platform. 

Robotic Process Automation

Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone, repetitive manual work, and hello to a new era of 24/7 speed and productivity.

Given our Gold Partnership with UiPath, we can help you implement RPA – the non-invasive, fully customisable, game-changing technology that will transform your business processes by automating manual, repetitive activities and leaving more room for your employees to focus on value-adding tasks. 

Embark on the Accesa RPA journey: 

RPA Journey Workshop

We set the foundations for RPA by helping you understand the technology, its advantages and limitations, and how you can benefit from it. 

Process mapping & qualification

Considering your specific business context, we analyse and qualify your processes to provide you with a customised RPA implementation roadmap.  

RPA Proof of Concept

Based on a thorough business process analysis, a definition of the success criteria targeted, and the recommended RPA infrastructure.  

Process Modelling & RPA Implementation

We design, develop and train the robot(s) while ensuring risk, issues, and quality management services for the provided RPA solution. 

RPA Training & Enablement

We offer our full support in helping you grow RPA capabilities in-house through training sessions and best practices.  

RPA Infrastructure Operations & Support

Through continuous support and optimisation services post-go-live, we calibrate the RPA solution to reach its full potential.  

Cloud Migration

We have witnessed the benefits of cloud migration on numerous occasions: companies are able to offload an unnecessary technical burden, create flexibility, and streamline processes, thus becoming more agile and better prepared to take on the market and the competition. 

We design, implement and manage your cloud environment – within Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud – for your transformational journey. 

Let us help you migrate to the cloud strategically and realise value as quickly as possible: 

Cloud assessment

A healthy migration to the cloud starts with a thorough inventory and assessment of current physical and virtual servers, as well as the applications you’re running. We help you define your priorities and objectives for a smooth migration to the cloud. 

Cloud migration

As a rule of thumb, you should consider rehosting less strategic applications with no-code changes and rearchitect others that are more business-critical. Considering your specific business context, we come up with the right cloud migration strategy for your company and ease the transition to this new operating model.  

Cloud management & optimisation

Once you’re up and running, we ensure you maximise value from your cloud investments by monitoring and governing your cloud applications. We actively provide ways to optimise your cloud environment.  

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