Client Story hero - Better scalability and usability in RSA Archer in the banking industry

Better scalability and usability in RSA Archer in the banking industry

Large European bank

One of the top three largest banks in Germany by asset size and the central institution for 800+ cooperative banks and their 8500+ branch offices.


  • Finance


  • Custom Product Development

Company Size

30.000+ employees


2020 - present

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Our partner uses the Archer IRM platform, also known as Archer RSA, to manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes, as many other organizations do in regulated industries. The organization wanted to optimize costs and raise their flexibility by utilizing the web-based application and its modules to their full potential with the help of an external team of specialists.

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The organization chose us as a technology partner on the project, and we quickly formed a team of Archer consultants to handle the development, customization and integration of the needed Archer modules. We delivered continuous value to our partner through close collaboration with the many stakeholders involved and a consultative approach.

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Our team offered continuous consultation sessions and development to ensure we created the best technical solutions for their specific needs. We have built a strong working relationship with our partner, considerably improved the functionality, usability and performance of the Archer platform, and succeeded in completing 30% more requirements per sprint than initially planned.

Project Overview

Our first order of business was to understand our partner’s goals and focus on learning as much as possible about their specific use cases for the Archer platform. Our senior colleagues conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s business challenges and needs.

To ensure the team’s expertise and the value of their work, we organized an internal Archer Training Program for each team member. After the training, each person had the experience and know-how to take on responsibility for at least one of the Archer modules currently used by our partner.

We also established an agile way of working by implementing a Scrum framework for the project and defined the processes, quality metrics and definitions of ready and of done together with our partner. As this was their first agile Archer project, we took great care to set up a future-ready work system that will bring quick and continuous results.

We collaborated on implementing the most viable solutions for enhanced time/cost-effectiveness and future readiness. Developing this digital solution included:

  • Finding a suitable technical solution to help the company have a centralized overview of quantified ISCE data (e.g., IT Assets, Compliance Evaluations, Risk Analysis).

  • Implementing a scalable future-ready platform to simplify the future development of any additional integration and interfacing.

  • Enabling faster data processing by using RSA Archer in-depth functionalities such as Calculated Cross-Reference Fields, Archer Web Service & JavaScript-Based Data Feeds, JavaScript Objects.

  • Improving the user interface and user experience on the platform.

  • Taking end-to-end responsibility for the architecture, development, rollout, environments, and project monitoring.

As our collaboration continued, we established better trust and communication between the Accesa team and our partner’s stakeholders, as well as nurtured knowledge-sharing. This approach has steadily led to increased efficiency and collaboration, resulting in stronger expertise for the development team and value for the organization being delivered at a faster pace than initially forecasted.


We successfully raised both cost-effectiveness and flexibility for the ISM solution by leveraging the latest version of the RSA Archer Platform. By updating the features and functionalities of the needed modules, as well as creating a centralized overview, we reduced the risk of system crashes. The solutions also ensure high availability and scalability, facilitating seamless integrations and future expansions.

Key results achieved include:

  • An expected 20% reduction in annual Archer infrastructure spending.

  • 30% more completed requirements per sprint compared to initial commitments.

  • Notable improvements in functionality, usability, and performance of the Archer platform.

Accesa also demonstrated strong expertise in Governance, Risk, and Compliance processes and fostered trustful collaboration with every stakeholder involved.





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