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Application Modernisation

Reach new levels of efficiency, security, and scalability without sacrificing any of your legacy application’s functionalities


We understand the challenges that businesses face as they outgrow their legacy applications. As old software falls short in delivering value or becomes hard to maintain due to staff shortages or technological limitations, application modernisation solutions serve as a way to keep critical functionalities while optimising your day-to-day processes, enhancing user experience, and futureproofing your IT infrastructure.

Through modernisation assessments or audits and our proven experience with various software modernisation approaches, we advise our partners on the best solutions based on three dimensions – Time-to-Market, Risks, and Costs. Once the correct strategy is found, we set out to implement it with the goal of maximising value for your company:


Leverage and extend an application’s features and value by making them available as services via an Application Programming Interface (API).


Redeploy an application component to another infrastructure without altering the application code or its functions.


Migrate an application component to a new runtime platform, making minimal changes to the code to ensure functionality on the new platform.


Restructure and optimise existing code without changing its external behaviour to remove technical debt and improve its value.


Substantially alter the code to shift it to a new application architecture and fully leverage its new and enhanced capabilities.


Rebuild or rewrite the application component from scratch while preserving its scope and specifications.


Eliminate the former application component and replace it, taking new requirements and needs into account.

Transform your business with our services.


Successful modernisations of Enterprise grade software


Certifications that drive modernisation programs


Cloud or on-prem accelerators for modernisation


Client story hero - Streamlining the Sales Process in Manufacturing with App Modernisation
Streamlining the Sales Process in Manufacturing with App Modernisation
Application Modernisation
Client story hero - Creating a Unified Experience trough Data Provider Migration
Creating a Unified Experience trough Data Provider Migration
Custom Product Development
Application Modernisation

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Use Cases

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Maximise ROI – Optimise your legacy applications for performance, scalability, and security to achieve greater business value.

Futureproof your applications – Leverage the latest technologies and best practices to create modern, cloud-native applications that scale and evolve with your business needs.

Enhance user experience – Increase internal and external user satisfaction and engagement through faster, more responsive, and easier-to-use applications.

Reduce risk – Reduce the risk of software failures, security breaches, and other issues impacting your business through security and compliance best practices and rigorous testing.

Streamline operations – Modernise your applications to streamline management, updating, and maintenance to reduce management time and costs.



Through a consultative and collaborative approach, we work together to fully understand your business needs and the challenges with your legacy application. We prepare workshops to map your current system, its weak points, and how application modernisation can address them. 

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Strategy and Planning

Once the goals are clearly set, we develop a modernisation strategy and plan by identifying the most critical components of the legacy application, assessing the risks involved in modernisation, and developing a detailed roadmap for the modernisation project. 

Services / Application Modernisation / Collaboration Journey 2


With the strategy and plan in place, we begin implementing the modernisation project, such as redesigning the application, developing new features and functionality, and testing the modernised application.

Services / Application Modernisation / Collaboration Journey 3

Delivery and Training

Once the modernisation project is complete, we conduct a formal handover, including any necessary documentation, training, and support to help users adopt the new system, get up to speed quickly and benefit from the updated software.

Services / Application Modernisation / Collaboration Journey 4

Continuous Evolution

After the modernised application has been delivered, we continue to work by your side to ensure that the application remains up-to-date and effective over time. This may involve ongoing support for user adoption, continuous product evolution, and assistance with any future modernisation needs.

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After you submit a contact form on, one of our representatives will review the information and get back to you in 1-2 business days.


We will then assign a Technical Presales expert to have a deep dive and assess your requirements and objectives.


The Presales expert will work with a bid team and a Software Architect to prepare a high level project estimation and the Sales expert will provide you with a commercial offer.

We will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days. We will also provide a proposed project allocation and start date after a minimum of 15 days from the deep dive session.

Address: Constanta 12, Cluj-Napoca, Romania