Cookie Policy

Effective Date: 07.12.2023

ACCESA ("we," "us," or "our") is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data, as well as your rights and freedoms of data subjects, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The core principles of personal data processing: lawfulness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, confidentiality, integrity, and accountability, underlie our business activities.  

Why Your Privacy Matters to Us

We value your privacy and want you to feel confident when using our website. Please take a moment to read this policy to understand the choices you have when it comes to cookies and your data. Your privacy matters to us, and we want to empower you to make informed decisions. 

Data Controllers

We are ACCESA a group of companies including ACCESA IT SYSTEMS SRL and ACCESA CONSULTING SRL, collectively referred to as "ACCESA".

In accordance with applicable data protection laws, we operate as Joint Controllers when processing your personal information. This means that we share responsibility for how your data is collected and used to provide our various services, including Cloud Solutions, Process Automation Platforms, and AI Custom Software Development Operations & Support.

Contact Details

Head Office: Constanta 12, Platinia Office, 400158 Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

Phone: +47 22 83 39 50


Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please contact us to

What Cookie Policy Covers

This Cookie Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect personal data obtained through our website, particularly concerning the use of cookies and tracking technologies. 

Cookie Policy Link to Our Privacy Policy

Our Cookie Policy outlines how we use cookies and similar technologies on our website to enhance your browsing experience. For comprehensive information regarding the processing of personal data and your privacy rights as a website user, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal data or privacy, the Privacy Policy provides detailed insights into how we are handling and protecting your personal data, including explanations about key legal and technical terms on data protection. 

We outlined below some key points about our Cookie Policy to help you navigate its contents effectively:

1. What are Cookies and How We Collect Data?

About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your device as you are browsing. They are processed and stored by your web browser. By themselves, cookies are harmless and serve crucial functions for websites. Cookies can also generally be easily viewed and deleted. 

Our website collects some Personal Data from its Users (Visitors). When you visit our website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.  

This information might be about you, your preferences, or your device and is mainly used to make the site work as you expect it to. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalized web experience.  

Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. However, blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer. 

Types of cookies based on their purpose, duration, and source.


Strictly Necessary Cookies  (Essential Cookies)

It is essential for our site to function correctly. Cookies are automatically set when you use our site and cannot be turned off. They don't store personal information.

Preferences Cookies (Functional Cookies)

These enhance your experience by remembering your language preference, region, and login details. If disabled, some services may not work correctly.

Performance Cookies

These help us analyze site performance and visitor behaviour. Information is anonymous and aggregated. Disabling them means we can't monitor site performance.

Statistics Cookies (Analytics)

They collect anonymous data about your site usage to improve functionality. Some are from third-party analytics services, solely for our use.

Marketing Cookies  (Advertising Cookies)

These track your online activity to deliver relevant ads. They may share data with other organizations. They are usually third-party and result in more personalized ads.


First-Party Cookies

Our website puts First-party cookies on your device directly when you visit. 

Third-Party Cookies

Set by external services like advertisers or analytics tools. 


Session Cookies

These cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends). 

Webpage Cookies

Stay until deleted or expire for up to 12 months. 

Data Collection and Sources

When you visit and use our website, we collect certain data to enhance your experience and provide you with the right content.  

We collect data automatically during your visit through cookies and similar technologies, such as your IP address, browser type, device information, and website usage patterns. 

Data Linkage

The data collected through cookies is not always directly linked to your identity. It is usually collected and processed in an anonymous and aggregated form to analyze website performance, user behavior, and improve our services. 

However, the data collected through cookies and similar technologies may be linked to your identity when you provide personal information through forms on our website. This linkage enables us to tailor your experience, provide relevant content, and improve our services. 

2. Why We Use Cookies and How We Do It Legally?

We Use Cookies and Related Technologies to:

  • Monitor the technical status of our website and make our website operational. 

  • Store users’ preferences 

  • Provide online services to our webpage users. 

  • Gather analytics data about users’ behaviour. 

  • Improve and customize the experience for our users. 

  • Perform marketing and advertising communication. 

How Do We Collect Your Data through Cookies?


Details on the Purpose

Legal Base

Data Processed

Website Security

We process data to protect our website, prevent unauthorized access, and stop fraud.  

Legitimate Interest 

IP addresses, device info, browser info, website usage data, clickstream data, and session info. 

Cookies and  Tracking Technologies

We collect data about your browsing activities, preferences, and interactions through cookies and similar technologies. 

Consent (Unless strictly necessary) 

IP address, device information, browser information, website usage data. 

Cookie Consent Recording

We request and record your consent for non-essential cookies and manage cookie preferences to comply with legal requirements. 

Legal Obligation 

Legitimate Interest 

Recording of your consent for non-essential cookies, cookie preferences, device and browser info, IP address. 

Storing Users Preferences

We use cookies and related technologies to store users' preferences. 

Legitimate Interest 

IP address, device information, browser information, website usage data. 

Data Retention Execution

We process data to meet legal obligations, like record-keeping requirements, data retention and erasure requirements 

Legal Obligation 

Erasure of data collected after retention period has expired. 

Website Analytics and Performance

We use data for website analysis to enhance performance and user experience. 


Legitimate Interest 

Website usage data, clickstream data, session info, device info, browser info, anonymized data, preferences. 

Research and Development

We process data to improve website features 


Website usage data, user feedback, survey responses 

Location-based Interactions

We collect geolocation data with your consent to enhance your website experience. 


Geographic Position 

Customizing User Experience

We personalize your website experience based on your preferences. 


Website usage data, page views, clickstream data, session info, device info, browser info. 

Personalized Marketing and Advertising

We collect data for personalized marketing communications and targeted advertising based on your website preferences and behaviour. 


IP address, device information, browser information, website usage data, demographic information, visitor interactions. 

Conversion tracking and remarketing

Tracking actions and behaviour for remarketing or targeted advertising purposes. 


IP address, device information, browser information, website usage data, conversion data, interaction data. 

Lead generation and marketing analytics

Generating leads, assessing marketing effectiveness, measuring campaign performance. 


Website form data, contact information, interaction data, marketing analytics data and demographic information. 

Displaying content from external platforms

This service allows viewing content from external platforms. 


Web traffic data may be collected even when Users do not use it. 

Monitoring and auditing

We use cookies and related technologies to monitor the technical status of our website and ensure its operation, internal or external audits, compliance assessments, adherence to security standards. 

Legitimate interest 

IP address, device information, browser information, website usage data. Identifying info, documentation, audit logs, records, compliance data. 

Responding to  Legal Requests

We process data to respond to legal requests, such as court orders or law enforcement inquiries. 

Legal Obligation 

All personal data is collected through cookies. 

Categories of Personal Data Processed when you visit our website may include the following types of data, collected by ourselves or through third parties: 

Technical Information

We collect data about device, browser, and internet connection details when you access our website. 

Website Usage

We track your actions on our site, like page visits and link clicks, to improve and personalize your experience. 

Cookies Data

We collect info like your IP address, browser type, and how you browse.  

Opt-In Data

We request permission for non-essential cookies, storing your preferences for personalized site use. 

Geographic Position

With consent, we collect approximate locations (country and city) for location-based services and site enhancement. 

Other necessary data

Depending on interactions, we may process additional data like service logs, activity history, performance metrics, feature usage statistics, contact details, incident reports, and more for service provisioning and support.

Data from Third-party Services

We may use third-party tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar and Intercom for website enhancement, user behaviour analysis, and service improvement. These tools collect and process personal data, detailed in the "Third Party Services" section.  

We do not collect financial, social security numbers, or sensitive personal data on our site. We only gather what's necessary for the purposes outlined in this Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. Data processing is based on consent, legitimate interests, and legal obligations. 

You have the right to withdraw your consent in certain situations, as outlined in the "Your Rights" section, should you ever wish to do so. 

Providing Personal Data

You're not obliged to provide personal data. Most data collection relies on voluntary sharing and consent. Some essential cookie data may be collected automatically for security during site visits. Using the site without providing certain data may limit personalization, resulting in more generic content. 

3. Your Cookie Consent

By default, the browsing experience of our website visitors is NOT tracked by our website. You may, though, choose to consent to our processing of personal data collected during your browsing experience on our website to allow us to improve your visiting experience. 

If you enable the Do Not Track option (see below the explanation) in your web browser, we will respect your choice and your browsing experience on our website will not be tracked. 

If you have not enabled the Do Not Track option, we will show you a cookie banner for you to make your choice and install a consent cookie to keep track of your choice. If you consent to the processing of your personal data by using cookies, then our website is activated and some relevant cookies loaded (i.e., essential, and non-essential ones, as described below under the section “Cookies we use on our website”. You can always decide to withdraw your consent or consent again at any time. 

The cookie consent expires after a maximum of 12 months. Then, if your Do Not Track option is not enabled, you will be shown the cookie banner again to renew your choice. In case you have disabled all cookies, you will be shown the cookie banner at each visit to our website. 

If you don’t make a choice in the banner, no cookies will be deployed (either essential or non-essential), but the banner will re-appear every time you visit our website. If you wish to consent to (or withdraw your consent from) please express your option to manage your consent regarding cookies. 

4. Do Not Track Preferences

Do Not Track is a function that allows visitors not to be tracked by websites. Do Not Track options are available in several browsers, including: 

5. Managing Cookies

Removing Cookies from Your Device

You can delete all cookies that are already on your device by clearing the browsing history of your browser. This will remove all cookies from all websites you have visited. Be aware though that you may also lose some saved information (e.g., saved login details, site preferences). 

Managing Site-Specific Cookies

Necessary cookies are required for providing the website service and cannot be disabled. However, you have the option to manage settings related to all other types of cookies by clicking cookie management on our webpage. For more detailed control over site-specific cookies, check the privacy and cookie settings in your preferred browser. 

Blocking Cookies

You can set most modern browsers to prevent any cookies from being placed on your device, but you may then have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site/page. Some services and functionalities may not work properly at all (e.g., profile logging in). 

Managing Our Cookies

You can manage your preferences concerning cookies from our website by clicking the Cookie Management Option

6. How Long Do We Keep the Cookies Data?

Our website usually keeps cookie-collected data until you finish browsing, or up to 12 months, and automatically deletes visitors' logs after this period. Aggregated data sets containing no personal data may be stored for an indefinite period for analytical purposes. 

7. Cookies We Use on Our Website

Based on your consent and provided preferences, we use cookies from Google Analytics, Hotjar and Intercom to enhance our website functionality, analyze user behaviour, and improve our services. 

These cookies help us understand how our website is used and provide you with tailored content and marketing communication.  

Our trusted partners assist us in managing these cookies. 

  • Google Analytics and its related products is a web service provided by Google Ireland Limited ("Google") for users of Google services based in the European Economic Area. Our website utilizes a streamlined version of Google Analytics, a service that transmits data on website traffic to Google servers in the United States. This service enables us to identify trends for enhancing the user experience on our website. The minimal build of Google Analytics processes certain personal data, including the unique User ID assigned by Google Analytics, the date and time of interactions, the page title and URL of the current page, the URL of the preceding page, screen resolution, local time zone, files clicked on and downloaded, external domain links clicked on, device type, and location details such as country, region, and city. When using Google Analytics for users located in the European Economic Area (EEA), the data collected is typically stored within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area. By way of exception, data may be stored in servers located in the USA. For more information about Google Analytics privacy practices, please review Google's Privacy Policy on the Google website: Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google

  • Hotjar is a web analytics tool provided by Hotjar LTD incorporated in Malta – EU (“Hotjar”) that helps us analyze how users interact with our website through heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. Hotjar may collect certain information that is generally anonymized and aggregated. User and usage data that Hotjar collects through its software is stored in Ireland, the European Union (EU) on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, eu-west-1 data centres. For more information about Hotjar's privacy practices please review their Privacy Policy page: Hotjar - Privacy Policy

  • Intercom, Inc. is a messaging and customer engagement service provider, located in California USA. We use Intercom on our website to provide you with real-time communication and support. Intercom services and messenger domains are provided and hosted in the USA. Intercom is a participant entity in the EU-US Data Privacy Framework (Participant Detail ( understand how Intercom handles your data and its privacy practices, please review Privacy Policy | Intercom

Cookie Name

Purpose & Usage

Data Collected

Type & Duration



This is a cookie placed by our website that serves as a means of persistently storing and retrieving user preferences for tag activation on the website.

User consent on cookie modal

First Party Cookie

Strictly necessary (Essential) 

Browsing Session

Our website


This is a cookie placed by our website for security purposes. It is used to measure the security level and to protect your online experience. It helps ensure the safety and privacy of your interactions on our website and applications. 

Data to defend against malicious attacks and verify that actions on our website are legitimate and not harmful; details about your session; information about your user ID, roles, and permissions; IP address and device data, security events, like failed login attempts or breaches. 

First Party Cookie

Strictly necessary (Essential) 

Browsing Session

Our website 


This is a cookie placed by our website for security purposes to prevent attacks and secure our web applications. It helps ensure that requests to modify data (e.g., submitting forms, requesting calls) are legitimate and originate from the same user who initiated the session.

Data to defend against malicious attacks and verify that actions on our website are legitimate and not harmful. 

First Party Cookie

Strictly necessary (Essential) 

Browsing Session

Our website 


This session cookie is provided by Intercom and is typically used for live chat and customer support functionalities. The cookies help in maintaining sessions and identifying users.

The cookie is refreshed on each successful logged-in ping, extending it one week from that moment. The user can access their conversations and have data communicated on logged-out pages for 1 week, as long as the session isn’t intentionally terminated with Intercom (‘shutdown’); which usually happens on logout.

Identifier for each unique browser session.

First Party Cookie

Functional (Preferences)

1 week



This cookie is provided by Intercom and is typically used for live chat and customer support functionalities. As people visit our website, they get this cookie.

This is an anonymous visitor identifier cookie.

First Party Cookie

Functional (Preferences)

9 months


intercom-device-id-[app id]

This cookie is provided by Intercom and is typically used for live chat and customer support functionalities. It is refreshed on each successful ping, extending it to another 9 months. The user cand access the conversations that were created on the device for the duration of the cookie’s life.  

Identifier for each unique device that interacts with Messenger.

First Party Cookie

Functional (Preferences)

9 months



This cookie is placed by Hotjar and is used to signal whether a user is included in the data sampling defined by the site's pageview limit.

User behaviour and interactions on the website.

First Party Cookie Performance Cookie

Browsing Session - 2 minutes duration, extended every 30 seconds.



This cookie is placed by Hotjar. It is established upon a user's initial page visit. It retains the unique Hotjar User ID specific to our website, ensuring continuity for subsequent visits. The cookie persists for 365 days, attributing data from multiple visits to the same user ID within the same site, while Hotjar maintains a policy of not tracking users across different sites.

Unique Hotjar User ID specific to our website, user behaviour and interactions on the website, data from multiple visits of the same user ID.

First Party Cookie Performance Cookie

365 days



This cookie is placed by Hotjar and helps us to identify whether a user is a new or returning visitor. It lasts for 30 minutes, extending with user activity.

Marks a user's initial session, aiding recording filters in identifying new sessions.

First Party Cookie Performance Cookie

Browsing Session – 30 minutes



This Hotjar cookie is used to store session-level data, but it's not tied to individual users. Retains current session information, ensuring that subsequent requests within the session window are associated with the same session. It has a 30-minute duration and extends on user activity.

User behaviour and interactions on the website.

First Party Cookie Performance Cookie

Browsing Session – 30 minutes



This cookie is placed by Hotjar and is used to detect the first pageview session of a user.

User Session Information

First Party Cookie Performance Cookie

Browsing Session – 30 minutes, extended on user activity



The main cookie used by Google Analytics enables a service to distinguish one visitor from another. Any site that implements Google Analytics, including Google services, uses the ‘_ga’ cookie. Each ‘_ga’ cookie is unique to the specific property, so it cannot be used to track a given user or browser across unrelated websites.

User interaction data, including page views, session duration, and user behaviour.

First Party

Performance/Statistical Cookie

2 years



 The primary purpose of this cookie is to distinguish users for tracking and analytics purposes. It is used to assign a unique identifier to each user, allowing Google Analytics to generate statistical data on how users interact with the website. This information helps us analyze and improve the performance of our website site.

User interaction data, including page views, session duration, and user behaviour.

First Party

Performance/Statistical Cookie

24 hours



Used to throttle request rates to the server, ensuring efficient data collection.

If Google Analytics is deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named _dc_gtm_<property- id>. 

No data collected

First Party

Technical control cookies (Essential)

Browsing Session – 1 minute



This is a pattern-type cookie set by Google Analytics, where the pattern element on the name contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to. It is a variation of the _gat cookie which is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high-traffic volume websites.

No data collected

First Party

Technical control cookies (Essential)

Browsing Session



This is a cookie set by Google Analytics used to persist session state and for Google Tag Manager to manage website tags and track user interactions.

Data related to website tag management and user interactions.

First Party

Functional Cookie

Browsing Session



This cookie is placed by Facebook and used to deliver and measure the effectiveness of advertising, as well as to personalize and target ads to users based on their interests and behaviour. This cookie identifies browsers for businesses using Meta Products for the purposes of providing advertising and site analytics services. They serve the same purposes as cookies set in Meta's own domain, which are to personalize content (including ads), measure ads, produce analytics and provide a safer experience.

Ad interaction data, including ad clicks and conversions.


Marketing Cookie

90 days



This cookie placed by Google Ads is used for targeted advertising, ad personalization, and measurement of ad performance.

Contains a unique browser and user ID, used for targeted advertising. 


Marketing Cookie

13 months EEA UK / 24 months elsewhere.

Google Ads


This cookie placed by Google Ads is used for ad personalization and measuring ad effectiveness.

Ad interaction data, including ad clicks and conversions.


Marketing Cookie

2 weeks

Google Ads


Used by Google to store user consent preferences for various services.

User consent preferences.

First Party

Functional Cookie

24 Months



(Advanced Event Collector)

Ensure that requests within a browsing session are made by the user, and not by other sites. These cookies prevent malicious sites from acting on behalf of a user without that user’s knowledge.

The cookie is involved in session management and security, primarily tracking the source and authenticity of requests made during a browsing session.

First Party

Functional Cookie

6 months



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used for routing and is often associated with LinkedIn's ad delivery and analytics. It helps LinkedIn to optimize the delivery of ads and to gather analytics data on LinkedIn ads served on third-party websites.

Data related to routing and analytics.


Performance/Statistical Cookie

24 hours



Browser Identifier cookie to uniquely identify devices accessing LinkedIn to detect abuse on the platform and diagnostic purposes.

User browser identification and tracking data.


Marketing Cookie

1 Year



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used to make a probabilistic match of a user's identity outside the Designated Countries and for tracking user preferences and providing relevant content.

User preference data.


Marketing Cookie

90 days



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used to store the consent of guests regarding the use of cookies for non-essential purposes.

Used by LinkedIn for tracking user preferences and providing relevant content.

User preference data.


Marketing Cookie

6 months



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used to set LinkedIn Ads ID syncing. Used by LinkedIn for ad targeting based on user behaviour and interactions.

Ad targeting data, including user behaviour.


Marketing Cookie

30 days



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used to store information about the time a sync took place with the lms_analytics cookie. Used by LinkedIn for data synchronization between various services.

Information about the time a sync took place with the lms_analytics cookie.

Third Party 

Performance/Statistical Cookie

30 days



This cookie is placed by LinkedIn and used to identify LinkedIn Members when they are off LinkedIn (outside the LinkedIn platform) for analytics purposes. It helps LinkedIn track and analyse the behaviour of its members on external websites.

The cookie collects data related to the activities and interactions of LinkedIn members on websites other than LinkedIn. This data is used for analytics and understanding user behaviour.

Third Party 

Performance/Statistical Cookie

30 days


8. Cookies and Profiling

Profiling: We may use profiling techniques in the following contexts: 

  • Personalization of User Experience to customize your website experience based on your preferences and past interactions. This allows us to provide you with content and features that are most relevant to you.

  • Personalized Marketing Communication involves analyzing your data to deliver targeted ads and marketing messages that align with your interests and behaviour. 

  • Website Analytics and Performance to track user behaviour, such as page views and clickstream data, to understand how users interact with the site. This data is used to improve website performance, enhance user experience, and optimize content placement. 

  • Cookies and Tracking Technologies are used to collect data on user behaviour, preferences, and interactions with our website. This data is valuable for understanding user preferences, providing personalized experiences, and improving website functionality. 

  • Security Profiling based on monitoring and auditing involves tracking user activities, access logs, and compliance data to ensure adherence to security standards and regulations. This is done to maintain the security and integrity of the website, protect against unauthorized access, and demonstrate compliance with legal requirements.

Automated Decision-Making: We do not engage in automated decision-making processes that produce significant legal effects or similarly significant consequences for individuals based solely on automated processing. 

In summary, the profiling activities described above are implemented to enhance your user experience and improve website performance. We value your privacy and offer options for consent and control over your data preferences. If you have any questions or concerns about our profiling practices, please don't hesitate to contact us using the information provided in our "Contact Us" section. 

9. Who We Share Your Data With?

At times, it's necessary for us to share your personal data with others to fulfil our legal and contractual obligations and to pursue our legitimate interests, we may share the data with our affiliates, subsidiaries, or service providers to facilitate our business activity. We take measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data when shared. 

The following are examples of possible categories of recipients of your data:

Service Providers

These are companies that assist us in managing our business activity, including technical support, hosting, cloud solutions, security and risk management tools, data analysis, and IT services. These partners are contractually bound to comply with our data privacy and security requirements, ensuring the protection of your personal information. They are authorized to access personal data solely for the purposes we specify, contributing to the efficiency and security of our services.

Professional Advisors

We might work with lawyers, accountants, auditors, or consultants who could access your data while providing their services.

Legal and Regulatory Authorities

Occasionally, legal obligations may require us to share email data with law enforcement, regulators, or government authorities.

Business Transfers

If we undergo a merger, asset sale, or significant organizational change, your data may be transferred to the new entity or owners.

Third-Party Tools and Platforms

We use various third-party tools and platforms to enhance our processes. These tools may process your data on our behalf.

Other Authorized Recipients

There might be other authorized recipients we have to share data with, depending on specific situations and laws,

10. International Data Transfers

We may need to transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or places with different data protection rules. We take steps to protect your data, including:

Adequacy Decisions: If the European Commission says a country has good data protection, we can send data there without extra safeguards, including EU-US Data Privacy 

EU-US Data Privacy Framework: The European Commission has approved data transfers from the European Economic Area (EEA) to the United States under the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. Under this framework, your personal data may be transferred to participating U.S. companies without the need for additional safeguards.

Standard Contractual Clauses: We might use these approved contracts to ensure your data is safe when it goes outside the EEA.

The information about the transfers can be obtained through the “Contact Us” section in this Privacy Policy.

11. Your Rights

We are committed to transparency and ensuring that your data subject rights are accessible and cost-free:

Right to Withdraw Your Consent 

You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your Personal Data at any time.

Right to Be Informed

You have the right to be informed about how your Personal Data is collected and processed. This includes knowing the purposes, who is processing your data, and how long will be kept. 

Right to Object to Processing

When we process your Personal Data based on public or legitimate interest, you can object to it.

Right to Access Your Data

You can find out if we process your Personal Data, get details about the processing, and a copy of your Personal Data.

Right to Rectify Your Data

You have the right to ensure that your Personal Data is accurate and to request corrections if necessary.

Right to Restrict the Processing of Your Data

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to restrict the processing of your Personal Data. In this case, we will not process the Personal Data for any purpose other than storing it.

Right to have Your Data Erased or otherwise removed

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to obtain the erasure of your Personal Data. 

Right to Portability of Your Data

You can receive your Personal Data in a structured, machine-readable format and, if possible, have it sent to another controller. This right applies when your Personal Data is processed automatically, based on your consent, a contract, or pre-contractual obligations.

Right Not to Be Subject to Profiling and Automated Decision-Making

You have the right not to be subjected to solely automated decision-making processes, including profiling, that significantly affect you. This means that important decisions, such as those related to your rights, benefits, or legal matters, should not be made solely by automated systems without human intervention. This right safeguards against unfair or discriminatory automated decisions.

Right to Lodge a complaint

You have the right to bring a claim before the Romanian Supervisory Authority (National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing - or directly to the court.

Limitations or Exceptions to Data Subject Rights:

While we respect your rights, legal or legitimate reasons may prevent us from fulfilling some requests. For instance, if it conflicts with our legal obligations or others' rights. We'll explain why if we can't fulfil your request.

Withdrawing Your Consent

You can withdraw your cookies consent at any time. To do so you can Opt-Out for non-essential cookies, by adjusting your settings in your device or browser. Essential cookies for security will still be active.

If you withdraw consent for non-essential cookies, some website features and personalized content may not be available to you. This may affect your overall user experience on our website.

Withdrawing consent does not affect the lawfulness of any processing that occurred before your withdrawal. We are committed to respecting your choices and privacy preferences.

To request any action regarding your rights, contact us by email at or by postal mail to our head office. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) will assist you and respond as soon as possible, not later than three months. 

12. Cookie Policy Updates

We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our privacy practices or legal obligations. We will post the revised version on our website and update the "Effective Date" at the top of this policy. We encourage you to check our Cookie Policy periodically for the latest information on our privacy practices. 

We are committed to keeping you informed about our data practices and any updates to our privacy policy. You can access the history of previous versions of this privacy policy by visiting the "Cookie Policy History" section on our website. This section provides a record of all previous versions, allowing you to review any changes made over time.