Policy purpose

The goal of Accesa and RaRo is to sustainably strengthen the success of our owners and customers through competitive IT solutions and services. Our Code of Conduct defines ethical behaviours that we all need to demonstrate. They are mandatory. 

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to set the relevant principles and fundamental values of the Company and to set expected behaviour from employees and partners, behaviour that the company considers fundamental to their successful operation. All internal company guidelines and regulations must be consistent with this code.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ 

This Code of conduct does not work simply because it is available, it must be lived on a daily basis.

1. Compliance with laws

All employees comply with the relevant laws and official regulations as well as the company's internal regulations, especially the internal authority and signature regulations. 

2. Data protection and data safety

As an IT service provider, data protection and data security are fundamental. Employees have a special responsibility in handling the personal and business data of the company and of our clients. It is prohibited to use insider information for themselves or their related persons’ interests.

3. Corruption

All employees are prohibited from accepting or offering improper benefits in their interest, their relatives or close friends' interest.

4. Conflict of interest

All employees should be aware that transactions with related persons and companies are carried out on customary market terms. Any potential conflict of interest must be handled fairly, openly, and transparently with the participation of the compliance function and direct manager.

5. Competition

No employee passes on business secrets or other internal information to competitors or to other third parties in an unauthorized and unjustified manner.

6. Human and environment

Nobody may be discriminated against due to their gender, origin, nationality, worldview, sexual orientation, age, religion, civil status or appearance. The Company ensures a safe and healthy work environment and has established a company health management system for employees.

7. Financial reporting

To ensure transparency and correctness of business operations, business processes must be fully and truthfully documented in accordance with the regulatory framework. 

Accesa&RaRo, therefore, expects all employees and its partners to behave in accordance with these requirements.

The employees, customers or suppliers of the Company are encouraged to make disclosures of offences, cases of suspected illegal behaviour, or serious irregularities-omissions in connection with the Code of Conduct through a dedicated reporting platform.


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