Robot Process Automation (RPA) in the banking and financial services industry is no longer a question of if, but rather of when. The need to optimise personnel costs and the tasks they work on, the appearance of new players in the industry and increased pressure on end-of-year results have all led to a need of including automation in everyday activities.

Navigating the unchartered waters of new business models and processes in banking is no easy feast though. Understanding what (else) can be automated, the complexity of implementation of licenses for process automation for the banking & financial services industry and how to mitigate the risks and costs of new tech can make it seem like a daunting task. 

But we’re here to make sure the renewal or implementation of RPA licenses for banking & financial industries happens quickly, error-free and for the best budget you can get, whether you’re in the Innovation, Business Development, Procurement, Finance & Accounting or Controlling departments.

UiPath RPA licensing made easy

Whether you’re just starting on your automation journey, have acquired licenses and need help implementing them or you’re renewing existing licenses and looking for the best deal, our team can help.

As Gold Partners of UiPath, Accesa can offer you the best costs for RPA licenses for the banking and financial industry. Plus, our extensive experience with 15+ ongoing banking clients gives you the know-how into what and how can be automated, not missing out on opportunities to reduce even further manual tasks.

Services offered include:

  • License consulting on choosing the appropriate ones for your need
  • License procurement with % discount
  • RPA set-up and configuration
  • Platform upgrades
  • License renewals

Leaving your team to focus on the actual automation processes and not the logistics that support it.

Why work with us on RPA licenses for banking & financial industry?

As part of Ratiodata AG, one of the largest systems houses and service providers for banking technology in Germany, we have the know-how and experience to hit the ground running and get results for your project fast. Our knowledge of procedures and regulations in the banking industry allows us to integrate quickly in your established RPA processes.

Our status as UiPath Gold Partners allows you to get the best deals on RPA licenses, saving you costs. If you already have the licenses acquired, the delivery and implementation of them can be easily deployed by our team of 40+ certified RPA specialists.

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