Retail and Consumer Goods

Keeping relevant in the retail industry may be a daunting task. The constant trend changes, as well as the evolution of needs and expectations leave some retailers behind, while others are thriving. 

Can your company keep the pace with your customers' expectations? Looking to expand your sales? Tell us and let Accesa be your technological partner. 

Personalisation, pricing management, supply chain, and other retail-focused applications. We develop the tools and platforms that help you be just in time for the success of your company.

Retail and
Consumer Goods

Manufacturing and Automotive

Digital transformation brought to manufacturing - we put the “smart” in “smart factories”. Obtain or maintain your top position in the market by focusing on value-adding optimisations of your manufacturing flows. 

Upgrading with Accesa, your company gets efficient support for the development of new digital products and solutions, together with lower capital expenditure for modernising or managing existing technological processes and products. 

With the help of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we build and implement personalised solutions that bring your factory to the future. 

Manufacturing and

Banking and Insurance

We help global financial institutions to consolidate growth through digital solutions that continuously adapt to how your both business and consumer needs evolve. Our focus is to embed digital solutions that facilitate growth and innovation for better financial services.

From application development services to migration, modernisation and support services, we are ready to help your company evolve and be ready for whatever the future may bring.

Banking and

Engagement models




These are the best words to describe the way we approach all our customers and partners. Together with knowledge, competence and a high-quality engagement, these are recognised by our customers as major benefits and strategic advantages. 

With a team of 800+ tech specialists, we have all the skills and competencies to assume high-complexity and multidisciplinary projects but to immediately adapt and resize the teams allocated in each growth phase and development plan. 

We transform, build, and operate IT platforms, services, and solutions in a fast, pragmatic and modern way, but we are open to discuss traditional frameworks as well. Whether using an Autonomous Product Team, a Managed Service approach or choose to work Project-based, the collaboration model can be easily transformed, based on the specific needs and demands. 

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