An economic delegation of 30 state officials and businessmen visited Accesa’s Platinia office on the 11th May 2016. With the name “Bayern Meets Cluj”, the official visit was part of a round-table internationalization activity, whose main purpose consisted in identifying new collaboration opportunities and enhance economic relations between Bavaria and Romania.

For Accesa, this was a one of a kind opportunity to showcase the best of our expertise. The event focused around the idea of exhibiting our most innovative projects, powered by our Competence Centers, as well as presenting our expertise and sharing our company values.

As the only company included in the delegation’s visit agenda, we were especially honoured to be hosting this event.

Bayern Meets Accesa

State officials and businessmen were invited in Accesa’s Platinia office, taking a tour of the building and attending a brief presentation of our company. At every floor of our office, each Competence Center had its own booth, where our visitors had the opportunity to talk to our specialists and discover our expertise:

The Scientific & Medical Software Solutions Competence Center performed on specialized equipment;

The Business Quality & Processes Competence Center was running a live testing session;

The Cloud & Mobile Business Competence Center’s highlight was a smart parking spot software.

To round up the event, our guests and colleagues were further invited to also get a taste of our national culture through traditional food and beverages. Wanting to get a fresh feedback on the event, the Romanian public television – TVR – was also present. It interviewed our guests and some of our specialists. On this occasion, we’d like to thank them for accepting the invitation at our event.

In our discussions with the delegates, the representatives pointed out the fast-growth, professionalism, modern organisation and promotion capabilities of the company. They’ve also made comments about the office design which was considered to be extraordinary and even inspiring for their own companies.

Accesa in 3 words: creative, young and dynamic

“We tried to create a unique experience for the Bavarian delegation. Our goal was to encourage some insights into our company, our core values and our deep-rooted interest for the German culture and business environment. I think this event represented another important milestone in enhancing economic relations between Bavaria and Accesa.” explained Iulian Iuga, Managing Director, Accesa.

“The relationship between Romania and Bavaria is getting more and more intense. I am surprised by the great number of German speakers in this company. I think Accesa is a symbol of youth in Cluj-Napoca, may I say, even a symbol of the future for this country.” pointed out Andreas Gfall, Managing Director of Bayern Handwerk International GmbH.

“I am deeply impressed by this company. It’s the first visit in Romania and I have to say that I think the business relationships between Cluj-Napoca and Bavaria will expand in the next years because of the high linguistic and professional potential of this city.” explained Stephanie Spinner-König, Vice-President of IHK München and Oberbayern.

“I am excited that I had the opportunity to visit Accesa where I was welcomed by the bright smiles of the IT specialists. I think the three words which could describe this environment best would be: creativity, youth and dynamic.” underlined Elgar Straub, Managing Director of VDMA Landesverband Bayern.

We were honoured to be the only company visited by the delegation in Cluj-Napoca! Here are more photos from the event.

Context of the visit

Romania is in the top 20 of the most important commercial partners of Bavaria, having one of the highest growth rates in the EU. Over 1.400 German companies are collaborating with Romania. This visit was of a high importance especially for Accesa, whose main focus is to further nurture valuable partnerships on the Bavarian market, where the company already has an office and is planning to develop consistently in the near future.

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