Accesa & RaRo join the effort to combat corruption

We are committed to fighting corruption in all its forms and thank our business partners, colleagues, and collaborators for their support and ethical behavior!

Accesa & RaRo join the effort to combat corruption

With International Anti-Corruption Day, the 9th of December, around the corner, we would like to thank and express our sincere appreciation to all our business partners, colleagues, and collaborators for their ethical conduct. We thank you for doing what's right, even if it's rarely easy.

Corruption is an important challenge that we all face in one form or another. Whether it affects education, economic development, security, or equality, it's an overarching obstacle to our progress as a society. Therefore, we believe that it is our obligation as a business and as a team of people who care about their community and environment to ethically and transparently address conflicts of interest and acts of corruption in order to eliminate and correct this problem.

We are committed to combatting corruption in all its forms. To ensure that, we cultivate a company culture and community of people who:

  • have the courage to ask and understand and if needed to speak out, on any unethical or illegal acts observed

  • choose to protect the people around us (work colleagues, friendships, personal relationships, and others) by preventing and exposing wrongdoings even if this might put at risk those relationships and careers

  • believe that progress can be achieved through the trust we nurture throughout all our collaborations, by cultivating honesty and adopting an ethical and professional conduct.

To give people a safe way to stand up against corruption and bribery, we've developed a dedicated Ethics Portal, through which all stakeholders in Accesa & RaRo, from employees to partners, can report anonymously any incident.

This, together with our Code of Conduct and policies on Ethics and Integrity Reporting, Conflicts of interest, and Anti-corruption, create the environment and framework through which we can uphold our commitment to maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional behavior.

By fighting against unethical behavior and the adverse effects they bring, like loss of trust, stifled economic growth, and the rise of inequality, we progress in our goal at Accesa and RaRo - to sustainably strengthen the success of our team and partners through competitive IT solutions and services. We are happy to say that we are not alone in this fight, as our partners, colleagues, and countless other companies do their part to eliminate corruption in all its forms. Even if we might not always be aware of everyone's efforts and actions, know you are not alone in the fight against corruption and bribery.

Thank you for being by our side as we work to uproot this major societal problem!