Accesa is Celebrating 20 Years of Meaningful Impact in the IT Industry

We are celebrating Accesa's 20th anniversary as a community of innovators, partners to top European brands, and promoters of employee wellbeing.

Accesa is Celebrating 20 Years of Meaningful Impact in the IT Industry

Our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a top Romanian employer and business moderniser in the European technology sector. Since 2004, we have offered end-to-end digital transformation service to more than 70 business clients by shaping a modern and upgraded digital landscape and revolutionising how systems operate in terms of functionality and convenience.   

We’ve consistently grown in headcount and revenue over the past 20 years, which has led to a focus on increased technology competencies and strategic partnerships.  

“What really counts is our growth in trustful relationships with our customers and our growth of competencies among our people – this is what makes a company sustainable and successful nowadays.” says Dr. Andrea Marlière, Chief Executive Officer at Accesa. 

Accesa’s business impact  

As we expanded nationally, we also developed new business partnerships in new markets, consistently diversifying their services portfolio in the DACH, Benelux, and UK markets, as well as with Romanian organisations, supporting them on their digital evolution.  

Our teams cover both technical skills (e.g., Software Development, Quality Assurance, or UX/UI Design) and coordination skills (e.g., Product and Project Management, Agile coaching, or Business analysis) for various industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, and Banking, leveraging both the latest technologies and a combination of legacy or mainstream ones.   

Accesa, an employer of choice in Romania  

Over the past 20 years, Accesa has grown exponentially, reaching more than 1200 employees in technical and non-technical roles, who are working in one of the 2 Romanian offices or fully remote from anywhere in Romania.   

This flexible approach also offers access to top talent across Romania without any geographical limitations. WE HAVE a strong heritage of personalised work approach, offering employees the opportunity to choose their preferred way of working, whether hybrid or fully remote. 

Our organisational culture and structure enable a higher degree of autonomy for our people, an increased ability in decision-making, and better, more fit-for-purpose solutions for our partners. 

Throughout our two-decade journey, we have remained committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our employees. With holistic initiatives such as Equilibrium, Accesa supports employees' wellbeing in various forms, such as social, physical, emotional, and work-life balance.   

Furthermore, the extended benefits package and professional development opportunities highlight our commitment to fostering a supportive work environment where employees can take charge of their careers and thrive. Believing in the power of communities keeping people connected, we are fully engaged in creating and nourishing local sports, technical and other types of communities as one of the key pillars towards a positive work culture. 

“Throughout its history, Accesa has evolved and transformed at speed to keep up with the market demands and opportunities. While this has naturally brought slight cultural shifts, care for people remained an essential value that continues to guide the company in its decisions.  Continuing to offer the flexibility to choose where people work from, supporting wellbeing, providing individual career coaching or community events are just some of the ways we are striving ongoingly to make Accesa a workplace where people want to be and have an impact.” says Mădălina Hurducaș, Head of People Office at Accesa 

Accesa’s contributions to the broader community  

The organisation's impact reaches beyond the companies we work with, to the broader community.  

Throughout its 20 years of history, Accesa has invested in two key areas: impactful educational initiatives and, in recent years, environmental actions.  

From significant donations to supporting student refugees or doing their bit for the environment, we contributed to the community through solid actions, showing the same enthusiasm for giving back as we do for technology.  

“Our commitment goes beyond business. We truly believe that our success is measured not just by our technological advancements, but by our ability to make a tangible (and positive!) impact on education, the environment, and the community around us.” says Corina Stirbu, Head of Marketing & Communication at Accesa.